Healthy Can Be Delicious: Here’s A Creamy Soup Recipe You’ll Love

By Chef Emanuele | Posted Apr 24, 2024

Chef Emanuele Giorgione loves making dishes that are beautiful to look at and even better to taste! As a wellness cooking teacher, Chef is passionate about teaching others the importance of a healthy and plant-based cooking style. 

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Here Chef Emanuele shares his recipe for the perfect creamy soup that’s every bit as refreshing as it is healthy. Enjoy! 

Celeriac creamy soup, pear, balsamic plant-based demi glace sauce, tonka bean and hazelnut

For 4 servings


  • 320 g celeriac   (about 11 ounces – 11.28 to be precise)
  • 500 g vegetable stock (2 cups) 
  • 20 g leek  (.71 ounces)
  • 40 g extra virgin olive oil  (3 tablespoons)
  • 20 g peeled roasted hazelnuts (¼ cup) 
  • 120 g vegetable demi glace (½ cup) 
  • 40 g balsamic vinegar (3 tablespoons) 
  • rosemary
  • 1 pear
  • thyme
  • Tonka bean, grated



Reduce the balsamic vinegar to 20% of the original volume. Now add the demi-glace sauce and the rosemary for infusion. As soon as it is cold, filter it through a fine mesh strainer to obtain a smooth and homogeneous sauce. Put it in a squeeze bottle. 

Clean and peel the celeriac and cut it into cubes. Chop the leek and stew in extra virgin olive oil with salt. Once ready add the celeriac cubes and cover with vegetable stock. Once ready, mix all the ingredients with a strong mixer to obtain a dense and homogeneous creamy soup, taking care to leave it white.  

Peel the pear and remove the seeds from it. Cut into cubes.

Serve the soup with the balsamic demi-glace and decorate with chopped hazelnuts, grated tonka beans, pear cubes and thyme leaves.

Picture by: Francesca Bettoni

Made in: Funny Veg Academy Milano, Italy @funnyvegacademy