Startling Heart Attack Finding in COVID Patients

A study has found that a significant number of COVID-19 pa...


Menopause Affects the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

The menopausal transition can impact women significantly, ...


Why You Should Be Very Afraid of Menopausal Women

When we’re no longer viewed as having to attract a mate, reproduce, and raise kids, we s...


Intimate Relationships Can Lower or Raise Coronary Heart Disease Risk in Women

Our hearts go aflutter when we meet that special, or who w...


Your Doctor Retired — Now What?

When Janet Reynolds’ primary care provider — a nurse practitioner who she’d been wit...


The Cancer No One Talks About

It began with three words: “heterogeneously dense breasts.” It was just a note in t...


Learn to Laugh Off Stress

Stress, stress, stress. You cannot look at or listen to an...

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It's Time to Talk About Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are a sudden feeling of heat throughout your b...


For all women: heart-care is the new self-care

On this Mother’s Day, let’s focus on all women—not just t...


7 Ways to Love Yourself

How committed are you to your own happiness? If you were dating yourself, would you be...


Does Drinking Coffee Really Improve Your Heart Health?

A new study has found that those who drink moderate amounts of c...


Generalizability of Cardiovascular Disease Clinical Prediction Models

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Ass...


Heart Disease in Women: Why It's So Often Missed or Dismissed

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for


Women Receive Different Emergency Department Care for Chest Pain

It's no secret that women often receive different medical treatm...


How Menopause Can Affect Your Heart Health

For many women, menopause marks the beginning of a new chapter in...


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