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It’s Time to Talk About Hot Flashes

By Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, MD | Posted May 19, 2023

Hot flashes are a sudden feeling of heat throughout your body and sometimes a red flushed face. They can cause sweating and/or the chills and can even cause an increase in your heart rate.  

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What Causes Hot Flashes? 

The actual cause of hot flashes is unknown, but they are generally associated with hormonal fluctuations caused by menopause, PMS, anxiety, or even thyroid issues. 

You know, we’re not really sure what causes them but I can tell you that it is generally associated with a fluctuation of hormones. So that’s why, typically, you’ll see hot flashes around menopause, peri-menopause, and even PMS. 

However, hot flashes are typical of a lot of different conditions. People who are anxious, nervous, or have other hormonal problems or thyroid problems may also suffer. All of these can signal a hormonal disorder or a hormonal fluctuation

Can I Tell When A Hot Flash is Coming? 

Unfortunately, there is no real way to predict when a hot flash is coming – unless you have a sense of what your personal triggers are.

Oh! I wish I could tell you when that hot flash is coming. You’ll definitely know when it’s there, but not really necessarily a great way to predict when it’s coming except if you have noticed triggers. 

If you get nervous or anxious speaking in front of people, that may be a trigger for you. If you have coffee, alcohol, or spicy food, that may be a trigger. So you may notice a pattern, but otherwise, they come totally from out of the clear blue.

What Do I Do About Hot Flashes? 

Hot flashes tend to fade away but it is important that you keep an open, honest dialogue with your doctor. They can help you with treatments or other coping tools. “If your BFF was your doctor, would TMI cease to exist?” is my motto with my patients. 

Going to your gyno should be empowering, supportive, and dare I say fun? My mission is to de-stigmatize the aging process and help empower women as they enter what can be the greatest phase of our lives FEARLESSLY…