In 2022, Kristin Mallon, CNM, MS, RNC-OB and Michele J. Wispelwey, MBA co-founded FemGevity. FemGevity is a telemedicine company focused on menopause and feminine longevity. The company provides concierge care for the average woman seeking personalized healthcare.

Kristin Mallon, FemGevity CEO & Co-Founder

Kristin is a board-certified nurse midwife, breast health expert, published author, mother of four, and menopause and feminine longevity expert. 

She earned a psychology degree from UC Berkeley and a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Johns Hopkins. She discovered her passion for working with women as a D.O.N.A. trained doula in Maryland and completed her Master’s in Science & Midwifery at NYU.

Previously, Kristin served as the Editor in Chief for the Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect. She focused on studying biosignals, biophysics, and imaging while working at the Hatch Center for MRI Research at Columbia University. Additionally, she taught nursing courses at both NYU and Monmouth University and wrote for medical textbooks and nursing test prep courses.

Because she loves anthropology and people, travel and exploration are among Kristin’s favorite hobbies. She’s a morning person who enjoys chocolate over vanilla, coffee over tea, dogs over cats, thrillers over horror, Marvel over DC comics, and spicy over mild. She loves waves and snow, and her favorite way to eat eggs is over-easy or Benedict with an ocean view. Her favorite question, other than “Why?” is “How can it be done?”

Michele J. Wispelwey, FemGevity President & Co-Founder

Michele is the FemGevity President and Co-Founder. She brings eighteen years of experience implementing women’s health initiatives. Michele’s mission is to create solutions that empower women to take control of their well-being and achieve their fullest potential. She is a visionary leader with a relentless passion for driving innovation in the femtech and women’s consumer health sectors.

A lifelong learner, Michele holds an MBA in healthcare management and marketing from Northeastern University and a BS in Business Administration from Seton Hall University.

Michele has worked with renowned institutions like Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics. She is known for her expertise as a resource, mentor, and strategist and collaborates with various organizations and healthcare leaders to initiate positive change. For example, she spearheaded the development of women’s health programs in molecular diagnostics, genetics, and cytology as the Director Of Women’s Health Services.

With her knowledge of the diagnostic landscape, Michele is a visionary leader in the femtech and digital healthcare industry, working to improve patient access and update outdated processes and programs. She works closely with healthcare organizations, research institutions, and diagnostic companies. Additionally, she collaborates with top Northeast women’s health physicians to find growth opportunities and solutions for challenges. Her goal is to promote innovation, positive collaboration, and empowerment through data-driven decisions.

She frequently participates in forums such as New Pause Symposium and the FemTech Focus Summit, where she exchanges ideas with fellow CEOs and founders. She is a firm believer in the power of collaboration and learning from like-minded leaders. 

With her love for travel and art, Michele constantly seeks new ways to fuse creativity and technology to provide high-quality care for all women. Michele’s next bucket list item is to learn French fluently and travel to Japan.

Together, Kristin and Michele hope to empower women to take control of their own aging process through FemGevity’s innovative services.