Dr. Sylvia E. Klinger

Sylvia E. Klinger, DBA, MS, RDN is an award-winning author and founder of Hispanic Food Communications, a nutrition communications and culinary consulting company. 

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She is relentlessly passionate about helping people fall in love with creating and enjoying delicious and nutritious foods. Her Hispanic background fuels her passion for nutrition. Because of that rich cultural knowledge, she empowers and encourages those in her community through the foods they enjoy in their kitchens.

Personalized nutrition plans are essential for a joyful and healthy life.

Since one size does not fit all, Dr. Klinger believes nutrition should be individualized to suit each person. Therefore, her approach provides individuals with the necessary nutritional tools for a happy and healthy life. In addition to being a food and nutrition communications professional, Dr. Klinger is also a global nutrition professor. Her latest publication, The Little Book of Simple Eating, was published in 2018 in both Spanish and English.

Dr. Sylvia E. Klinger believes a healthy lifestyle can bring people together. 

Many organizations in various fields seek out her consultations – she consults for food and beverage, global diversity, pharmaceutical, and non-profit health organizations. She regularly contributes to radio, television, and other media outlets such as Latina Magazine, Siempre Mujer, Vanidades, Bakery and Snack Magazine, and Convenience Store Decisions. Additionally, Dr. Klinger offers her expertise to many culture-rich blogs, including Fox News Latino, Huffington Post, and Mamas Latinas.

Dr. Klinger explores worldwide food and culture with her family in her spare time.